18 things-you should know before travel sri lanka

18 things you should know before travel to sri lanka

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Sri Lanka fact file

  • Size | 25,330 square miles
  • Population | 21.7 million
  • Languages | Sinhala (Mother Language), English, Tamil
  • Capital city | Colombo
  • Currency | Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

1) Apply visa before you go there

Nationals from all countries must obtain a visa. But only 3 nations can visit without having visa. Its Seychelles, Singapore and the Maldives. visitors are usually recommended to get their visa online before starting the trip. It will take couple of days. If you miss it, you can get on arrival at the airport. For more information, see the “Sri Lanka visa and passport requirements” page.

Prices for the ETA Visa are:

  • SAARC countries – USD $20 for 30 days.
  • Non-SAARC – USD $35 for 30 days.

Following entry requirements should be met when you arrive at Sri Lanka airport:

  • Proof of departure flight
  • Minimum 6 months validity left in passport
  • Blank page to stamp
  • Proof of Yellow Fever, Cholera vaccination (only important if you’re travelling from an infected area, such as Africa, within 10 days)
    and covid 19 (negative tests took within 72H).

2) Best time to visit to Sri Lanka

Always its best time to travel. There is no time period to travel to Sri Lanka.  Then you can travel all year round.  But it also be raining and sun shining in some parts of the island no matter when you go. Normally weather is good.

3) Create a Travel Map with locations

You should have proper idea of where do you want to travel. There have lot of places to travel and if you did not manage it,
then time will be waste.

4) Travel cost is pretty affordable, but bit expensive than other south Asian countries

blue train

Sri Lanka is a pretty affordable destination for travel, but its definitely bit pricier  when you compare it with many of its neighbor countries expect Maldives. (Maldives is the highest expense for travel)

Local foods and transport is particularly cheap here, The longest train ride will be Jaffna to Colombo.  The Blue Train is more popular ride is more popular among tourists.  Colombo to Badulla will be the route. Most of people travel to badulla to nuwara eliya for feel the same experience.  The trains move among the mountains and there have nice view every where. The trains are very slow and you can take photos easily.

Whether you’re headed for the cities, villages, beaches or the mountains, getting public transport basically anywhere in Sri Lanka pretty easily.  The network of private and government buses will literally get you anywhere you want to go on the island, and the train services all the  major hubs and points. For everything else, there are lots of tuk tuks and taxis. You can select transport according to your trip plan.

Buses in Sri Lanka are basically the mechanical bulls of the road. some are fast, loud ans sometimes it’s sweaty,’ Private buses are generally pretty festive affair with local horns, music, and flashing lights blaring. This is really cheep in cost at all time. Long distance buses travel on or before their schedule time. Its recommend to feel the experience with buses and blue train in your journey. You should have cash for tickets. Backpackers also can put their  bags in the racks or near driver seat.

Some prices in Sri Lanka as a guideline:

  • Simple double room without air conditioning: $20-$30
  • Simple double room with air conditioning: $30-$50
  • Dining at a local restaurant: $1-$2
  • Dining at a tourist restaurant: $5-$6
  • One beer cane in wine shop: $2-$3
  • A coconut at the side of the road: $0.30 – $0.40
  • A bus or train ride (50K.M): $1<
  • A tuk-tuk ride (5 km): $2
  • Admission to one of the famous sights or national parks: $20-$30

Again, compared with out of Asian countries, it’s still very much a budget destination. But for those travelling on a backpacker budget, it’s pretty much good destination.

5) English is widely spoken

Its never had any trouble communicating while travelling through Sri Lanka, because almost everyone has at least a basic level of English knowledge to spoke, particularly as it’s also third official language.

Although, if some person you’re speaking with doesn’t understand English, they will likely go out of their way to help you by find someone who knows speak English, so don’t stress!

6) Sri Lanka is one of the best place to surfing in the world

mirissa surfing

If you’ve always dreamed about learn surfing, Thw best waves and the best surfers out there, this is the place to come and learn how to do surfing.

More beautiful beaches, instantly cheap prices for both board rental and lessons,  and plenty of expert local surfers around to help guide you to surfing. This is the one of world’s best learn-to-surf destinations.

The best place for surfing is Weligama on the southern coastline (2 hours from Colombo, 30 minutes from Unawatuna),  where hundreds of surf schools mapping in the beach, or the horseshoe bay of Hiriketiya. There have more beaches to surfing such as mirissa, ahangama and Other places you can learn to surfing on the south and east coast, include Arugam Bay and Unawatuna. The surfing board will be $3 per hour. Surfing lessons are also low cost.

7) it’s really baking hot, so be prepared

Woman takes sunbath sri lanka

it’s pretty generally hot and that remains constant in Sri Lanka’s weather patterns all year-round. Upcountry weather is cold in night but other remain same weather in day and night. Average temperatures range between 26-30c most months, and the humidity is intense beyond words.  People can reach hot or cold weather locations within 3 hours. (hot-Colombo, Cold-Kandy) you have pack loose-fitting clothing, sunscreen, your sunglasses, a hat, and always carry a water bottle.





8) sri lanka has a diverse and ancient history

sri lanka hisrtory| travelbeesl

Its history over 2500 years. Ancient kingdoms and multiple colonial heritages is fascinatingly diverse and complex.

Over thousands of years, this Sri Lanka important trading hub along the Silk Road route,  the organic spice products bark desired the world over. The power of the nation’s ancient  Kingdoms can be still seen today, in the many UNESCO-protected ruins (Anuradhapura, Polonnoruwa and Sigiriya)  that map the called cultural triangle of the centre of Sri Lanka.

In the 1500s, the first colonisers invaded; first Portuguese, then Dutch, and finally British, bringing their faith and social type systems, good sized Fortifications and structure – many of which can nonetheless be determined these days (particularly in Galle). Colonial rule lasted nearly 450 years, till Sri Lanka have been in the end granted their independence in 1948.

It’s this range of Sri Lanka’s heritage that make it such a captivating vacation spot for these looking for a cultural, historical ride on their travels.


9) leave the Buddha cloths at home, and cover up Buddha tattoos

As you’d anticipate from a majority Buddhist country, Buddha is a deeply revered spiritual determine here. Showing off tattoos or apparel that suggests depictions is no longer simply disrespectful here, it can absolutely get you arrested and deported here. These are not allow in Sri Lanka. That’s no longer a gross overstatement either; in 2012 singer Akon was once banned from getting into the united states thanks to a track video showing humans partying in the front of a Buddha statue. In each 2013 and 2014, British travelers have been deported for carrying Buddha tattoos on their arms, and in 2017 an Indian girl used to be detained for carrying a t-shirt with Buddha on the front.

10)  Always carry local cash (Sri Lanka Rupees)

From tuk tuk drivers, bus and other local transport, grocery stores and small retail business in this country runs on cash.

Although ATM and card facilities are pretty widely accessible in the main tourist areas and towns, (Visa/MasterCard accept) We’d recommend to withdraw some extra Sri Lankan rupees while withdraw cash.  (from the ATM no need to do a currency exchange automatically currency exchange to rupees)

11)  It’s time to taste world’s best tea from best tea home


If you’re a good fan of tea, Sri Lanka is the best place for you. Small though the island but, it’s also the world’s fourth largest organic tea producer. During the English colonial times, when they razed the jungle  of the hill country and changed it with endless, rolling tea plantations instead.  Today, Ceylon tea is revered with the aid of tea drinkers the world over, and some of the largest names in tea (Lipton, Dilmah) use these very plantations for their production. Mostly tea is free in hotels with their breakfast. Sri Lankans are exceedingly proud of their tea heritage, and you’ll be furnished tea almost in all locations you go.


tea taset

If you travel Ella, be sure to take the trip up to Lipton Seat, the famous 360 viewpoint where tea mogul Sir Thomas Lipton used to
sit and contemplate his vast plantation and the magnificence of Sri Lanka’s high country while sipping the world’s finest tea, straight from the source.






12) Local food is delicious and cheap

local food sri lanka |travelbeesl

Some Sri Lankan specialties; egg hoppers, rice and curry, clean crab curry, and coconut roti more popular among backpackers. There is no scarcity of Sri Lankan meals in Sri Lanka. If you order American foods like burgers and pasta, there is also with your western standards. Again, elements for western dishes, many of these are expensive in hotels. culture specially when it comes to food, as it’ll keep your pockets and possibly depart you greater satisfied.




13) Filtered water of bottled water better than tap water

Sometimes Sri Lankan tap water is not better to drink, so travelers should be sure to only have bottled water or filtered water.  Its depending on how sensitive your tummy is, Tap water can be use to wash, bath and cooking purposes. But the local people drink tap water without having  any health issue.

14) Bring your vital medications from home

Most of drugs not issue fro the pharmacy without having prescription. If you have health issue, you need to consult doctor first.  Its possible to buy painkillers and some medicine.

15) Always travel with travel insurance

Travel insurance provides medical coverage if you get injured or sick, reimburses you if your electronics break,  your flight is delayed or cancelled, your bags are stolen, the insurance is a safety guard that can save your life, or at least a life of severe debt.

16) Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons

Sri Lanka can be viewed a year-round destination, however it’s satisfactory to be conscious of the two monsoon seasons, which impact extraordinary areas of the island. The northern and Eastern areas of Sri Lanka have wind and rain between October and January, while the southern and western areas get hold of monsoon climate between May and September. Still, climate is sooner or later unpredictable and all through our go to to the western cities of Colombo or Negombo in July, we skilled little rain. December thru March is regarded the top vacationer season, so more cost-effective inn fees are regularly discovered backyard these dates.

17) Travel expenses and How much money do you need in Sri Lanka?

Its possible to travel in great luxury and spend a lot of money if you want. But you don’t have to.

On a normal trip to Sri Lanka, it can manage almost exactly $50 per day for one person. It can afford good accommodations,  always eat more, and paid some pretty expensive admission fees with this budget.

you can certainly travel for less, if you’re economize.’ But if you’d like your accommodation to be a little more luxurious, your budget should be a little more.

18) Taking pictures in Sri Lanka

It is a dream for every photographer. There’s a great photo opportunity around each and every corner – colorfully dressed people,
historical temples, wild animals, beautiful landscapes.

Prohibit take photos with your back to Buddha

Never stand with your lower back to Buddha, and without a doubt in no way take a photograph with your again to Buddha either.
If seen, you’ll be requested to delete the pictures via security. Likewise, don’t touch, kiss, or ‘interact’ with depictions of Buddha. Some places already mention that no one can take pictures. Both local and foreign can not take pictures.  (Inside temple of tooth, sigiriya ruing and mostly ancient temples.) If you do need to take a photo with a statue, make sure everyone should facing Buddha.

Sri Lankan people are often happy to have their picture taken.  Obviously you can ask for permission first for a smile or a quick nod should do the trick.

sri lanka ruingsuga scapes sri lanka

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