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Alert about travel coronavirus (covid 19) out break | Travel coronavirus

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About Travel Coronavirus 

Coronavirus has a huge impact on the travel industry. Most countries restrict travel to another country during the corona virus outbreak.  This will be spread by human to human. So no need to talk more about it. Most cities are under curfew and travel bans. 

Which country or location is better to travel during covid 19?

Frst, We have to let you know the best countries to travel. Caribbean islands and Sri Lanka are the best countries to travel in this situation. The reason is the weather. It is almost sunny and the temperature is nearly 30C. The famous UK tourism company mentioned these two in their interview over CNN. 

Why should I choose Sri Lanka prevent from coronavirus?

At this time, the first important thing is weather. 30C temperature reduces the spread of virus and low impact to get sick. The Lonely Planet mentions the best travel destination as Sri Lanka in 2019. This situation tourists can enjoy here in safe mode. 

Locations to stay or travel ?

There have such good places to visit or stay during this time. In the weather conditions, Beach side is more good to stay in. The locations are Galle, Yala, Jaffna and Colombo except hill country. They have such nice places to travel and less crowded as well. There have such good locations inside the country without beaches as well. There are Anuradapura, Moneragala, Polonnaruwa and kurunegala. Remember to use private vehicles to travel during coronavirus outbreak.

What Should eat ?

The one off main topic is food. Sri Lanka has good foods for fighting viruses. Main in Tea. Chinese doctors prove it. Other than chilli, black pepper, coriander and more spicy foods are better. The other good thing is the low cost for these foods.  

It’s better to get important points of the article for your daily activities. The people who do recent travel, this will help them to manage their daily activities. If you have any concern, it’s better to stay at home during this period.

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