domestic flights during corona virus

Domestic flights during coronavirus

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What are domestic flights ?

Domestic flights are form of commercial flights where the departure and arrival take place within the same country or island. Airports serve domestic flight services are only known as domestic airports. Domestic flights are normally cheaper and shorter distance than international flights.

domestic flights unser covid 19


U.S domestic flights ?

USA is still seeing thousands of flight services, despite a drop in air travel. U.S. airlines are grappling with the once unthinkable scenario of halting all commercial domestic aviation as concerns about the spread of the corona virus hurt demand for flights. But it isn’t close to international or domestic airports right now under the corona virus situation. Hawaii got the most domestic flight services in the U.S. 

It is not certain that the administration will take that action ,which might be the primary time the U.S. instituted a blanket aviation ban since the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks or whether such a ban would last fortnight , a month or longer. But several airline executives told CNBC they’re considering all possibilities. The executives cautioned that such a ban wasn’t imminent. 

Flight Services Cut Down?

American Airlines over the weekend said it plans to slash its international flying by 75% to May 6 which it’ll cut domestic capacity by 20% in April from a year earlier and by 30% in May. it’ll park most of its wide-body fleet.

Other countries ?

Most countries stop there domestic flight service because of the spread of the virus. Such as Eurpe, Asia and more. China started there domestic flight service in Wuhan right now.

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