Ella Sri Lanka- Definitely a mind-blowing hike in Sri Lanka!

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Ella Sri Lanka- Definitely a mind-blowing hike in Sri Lanka!

Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is a place that is a fusion with the beauty of nature and the beauty of man’s creations is going to be wonderful indeed. That is the exact scenario that has taken place here. Situated in the wonderful hill country the place is nothing less than a view you will get from heaven. What has made this place even more beautiful is the simply marvelous constructions of men?

Luckily enough, these creations have not made the slightest damage to the beauty of the surrounding. Hence it has been an additional addition to the best places the world has ever seen.

The area is filled with other tourist destinations that have been more popular among both local and foreign visitors. The area is an absolute getaway for the perfect weekend trip and is one of the best places that define the true beauty of this small island.

Nine arches – Ella – The wonder of the creations made by the hands of men

You would definitely love to walk along the rails of the most famous bridge in the country. If you were to walk through the woods for about half – an – hour, you will end up in a beautiful architectural piece made in the heart of a wonderful tea estate. You can also get a taxi to the place, but the walk is definitely worth it.

It was initially built by the British while Sri Lanka was still their colonies. But with the sudden breakout of the world war, it is mentioned that the British did not finish it. So, the Sri Lankan talented craftsmen made it with the use of stones and cement.

You should definitely try out watching the train passes through the beautiful scenery. The mornings or evenings are the best. you can simply climb to the top of the nearby tea plantations and enjoy your view while relaxing your sore feet.

The place is open for visitors at all times and you can enjoy the view with no barriers at all. Most importantly, your safety near the rail is assured by the guard officers whose sole duty is to help you have a safer journey.

Ella mountain – a place to enjoy and explore natures beauty

The mountain in this area or the most commonly named Little Adams peak is one of the best places to be visiting at any time of the year. Known as the nephew of the original peak, this has also consisted of pretty, mind-blowing scenery. The tour to the top is not that difficult and you can reach there within about fifteen minutes.

On your way to the place, you pass a small village with very friendly people. You should definitely take some time to spend with them as well.

There is no official trek among the hills but a little hiking will take you to the top of the next closest peak as well. The hikes are never going to bore you or tire you because you definitely will be overwhelmed with the beauty of the surrounding.

Adisham Bungalow


Situated in Haputale, this is an ancient country house which now houses the St. Benedict’s monastery.

Built-in late 1931 the house belonged to a British aristocrat named Sir Thomas Villiers. This hall housed many famous personalities in the world until it was then sold to the Sedawatte Mills. This was later bought by the monks of Benedict’s monastery to serve as their novitiate. Though the legend of the initial owner is not quite heard, it is clearly visible within each and every wall of the hall.

The garden that is extremely beautiful that is surrounded by an even more pleasant background gives nothing but the view of a painting brought to life.

The true colors of green and blue mixed together to bring along the tender light in the area is absolutely amazing.

A visit to the place will definitely make you want to live your life there. The place is simply a wander.

Lipton seat

This is an important place for those who love the lookout and enjoy. This indeed is the most impressive and beautiful viewing point that is found in a beautiful country.

This was initially made by a Scottish tea baron in order to help him examine all his tea plantations at once. Though he has passed long ago his legendary viewpoint still overlooks almost all of the area.

If you were to visit there you will witness that this overlooks plantations that belong to almost seven provinces in the country.

The tour here will be best if you pick a day that does not have many clouds. This is because if not your view will be blocked by the massive clouds and could definitely ruin the view.

Enjoy the visit with some of these additional sites nearby Ella

The above mentioned are the most famous and beautiful locations in the area. But the beauty of the area can be witnessed by many more sites. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The 98 acres resort
  2. Trek to the Ravana falls from here is also another much-beloved tour
  3. Take a swim at the Diyaluma Waterfall if you do not mind being a little cold
  4. Enjoy the spice garden as well

As you can see that Ella is filled with more than many beautiful sites that you would definitely fall in love with. The region welcomes people at all times of the year, but beware of the rainfall.

With such beautiful sceneries surrounding this place, it is definitely the responsibility of the visitors to save it for the next generation. They are the natural heritages that not only our country but the whole world admires. There is no pretty greenery as this in any place in the world. Hence do not forget to be a responsible visitor.

Take the heed, enjoy the trip and save it for your kids and the entire next generation awaiting to admire it all.