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kandy sri lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka

There are many wonderful sites and cities in Sri Lanka. But nothing has been able to pass the exquisiteness of the ancient realm. The proud, as well as the beauty it possesses, is far beyond what words can explain. It is simply an area where you begin to wonder that heaven is a part of the world, Kandy.

It is not just the loveliness of the nature that has a remarking note on the city. There are many other valuable sites in the area that simply adds more colors to the already overwhelming glory.

The historical value of the Kandy city

The present town was once an amazing kingdom of Sri Lanka and was also the last upright of them. In the year 1592, it became the last standing capital of the country, due to the invasions that took place in the coastal areas.

The location of the kingdom (hill area surrounded by mountains) benefited the safety of the territory for a very long time.

The area is not only admired for the attractiveness but is also valued by the visitors given its historical significance.

Temple of the tooth relic-Kandy

The Dalada Maligawa or the shrine where the tooth relic is held is one of the most blessed places in the Kandy city. It is also the most worshipped site in the entire town. The holy place is built within the palace complex and ensures the safety of one of the most revered relics of Lord Buddha.

The temple consists of so many rituals that are done to pay homage to the relic. But the most important one of them is the Dalada Perehera, which takes place in the month of August. In this perahera thousands of cultural artists show their talent and pay respect to the relic. The tradition has been going on for centuries and is still valued by the Sri Lankans. Being one of the oldest yet the grandest events for Buddhists, the perahara is always flooded with thousands of visitors from all over the country.

Royal botanical garden

This is the next best location that you should definitely visit in your visit to this city. There are loads of young people that enjoy visiting this place. But the best use could be taken by an environmentalist or a photographer.

The garden offers many different types of flora with more endemic and endangered plant and flower species as well. It also offers many beautiful views that highlight the exquisiteness of nature.

There is also the memorial garden where notable personalities from all over the world had planted trees.

Do not forget to peek into these as well in your tour

  1. The other stunning shrines in the area such as Bahirovakanda Viharaya, Gadoladeniya are situated nearby. Most of these are located on top of mountains making the tour more adventurous.
  2. Taking a walk across the lake is the best to do at night with the rays of the sun falling on the water.
  3. They have some of the greatest restaurants
  4. The best train ride starts from here