Kirigalpottha mountain

Kirigalpoththa – 2nd highest mountain in sri lanka

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Where is the kirigalpoththa mountain

Kirigalpoththa is the 2nd highest mountain in Sri Lanka. Its 2,388 m (7,835 ft) above in the sea level. The highest mountain is piduruthalagala and its occupied by military base and it should get special permission to hike. Kirigalpoththa is located on Hortonplains national park and situated within the nuwaraeliya district. It has to hike nearly 10 km to came for the highest point. There is nearly 7 KM walking trail provide access to the mountain via hortonplains. The rest of 3 KM need to hike through mountains. There have enough water but no food.

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Best Time for travel in kirigalpoththa

It should start the journey before 11.00 A.M otherwise you can’t finish the journey or you need to hike very fast. When we enter to the park, there have a road on right side of security office. That’s the road that we should go. The trails is hard to find because of grass and trees. On the way there have some marks. We recommend you to hike with a guide otherwise its hard to find trail.

Weather conditions

The weather is not bad but temperature will be below 14C. Its better to ware jacket. There will be rain on top of mountain. Sunny days are better to hike, then we can see good view on top  of the kirigalpoththa mountain.

What we can see

We can see deer, birds, trees, flowers, water streams, water falls and such beautiful things including animals. The view is so beautiful all the hiking journey. All the we can take lots of beautiful pictures.  We do not make any noice and destroy forest. I hope you all enjoy the journey.

Kirigalpottha mountain

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