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Narangala Peak – Hiking and Camping

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Travel Guide of Narangala Peak for Camping and Hiking

Content :

  1. Narangal Peak
  2. Best Time for Travel
  3. Route
  4. Camping
  5. Special Remind
  6. Special Notes

narangala mountain -hiking

Narangal Peak

Narangala is the Second highest mountain in Uva province, Sri Lanka. Its 1527M height. Namunukula is the highest mountain in Uva province. Its 2,036M Height.  With the shades of sun shine, We can see the golden color in the peak of mountain. This will be the reason of name it narangala golden peak.  If you see the mountain from far away, its like golden color ground. The graces are up to 1-2 ft.

With the shining golden grass, it makes best views in the area. It can see 360 View in top of the mountain. The amazing view attract travelers to hike the mountain. The best view of 360 helps photographers take nice photos and clips. The advantage is its easy to reach to destination.  The footpaths and steps help you to reach the peak.

Best Time for Travel

  1.  Morning – The sun is raising. Graces with golden sunshine make the morning view better. This is the best time for travel. The climate and less sunshine is good for travel. Make sure to start watching 6.00A.M and leave before 10.00A.M otherwise the baking sunshine will effect to you because there is not trees on top.
  2. Evening3.00P.M is another good time to travel there. It can stay 2-3 hours and can sunset and nature in the evening in colorfully.


There have 2 main entrance to start hiking.

  1. Thangamale devalaya side. (Best and fun for travellers)
  2.  Keenakele side.

Badulla -> Hali ela -> Kandegedara -> Thangamale devalaya -> Foot path to peak.


Yes, Its is possible to camping there. You have to reach there at least 5.00P.M evening. You need to bring everything you want, because there  is no resources on the top. There will be heavy wind on the top and ready for that. If its rainy its dangerous for camping and hiking.

Special Remind

  •  Take water and food as much as you need. (Nothing there on top)
  •  Tent if you camping.
  •  Do not drop any plastic items there.
  •  Do not make noice and disturb wild animals.
  •  Hunting is prohibited.
  •  Medicine.(First AID box)

Special Notes

  • Height : 1527M
  • Location : Narangala
  • Province : UVA
  • Hike Difficulty : Medium
  • Weather : good
  • Nearest Travel Location : Ella
  • Activities : Hiking / Camping / Photography
  • Time : 2-3 Hour Hike

narangala mountain campingnarangala camping

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