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Have you ever heard about Sigiriya, Sri Lanka? The area and its outstanding nature are clearly something that you cannot find in any other place on Earth. There are many great wonders in the world, but can anything come close to the wonder we have here? There is no need to answer it. Being a large formation of magma did not stand in the way of our ancestors in their mission to build a fortress in the region. The surrounding is filled with amazing sites that awes the eye of the visitors.

Sigiriya-The fortress and its history…

Referred to as the eighth marvel of the world, the citadel is admired by both local and foreign visitors at all times of the year.

It has served as the palace of the King Kashyapa in the 5th century. But there is evidence that the area served as a monastery since the 3rd century.

The most significant feature being the mainstay built on top of a gigantic piece of stone there is still engineering mysteries that have not yet been solved. One such mystery is the technology that has been adopted by the ancestors to pump water from the bottom to the top.

The 200 meters high mountain simply shows the combination that has been made with the wonders of nature and the talents of the human mind.

sigiriya imagePlaces to visit in here

Within the area, there are many beauties that you get to witness.

Below is a list of the most popular and the most significant items:

  1. The wall paintings – The women holding the flowers are said to be drawings of beautiful devotees. These have been conserved along the time and are taken cared for by the government.
  2. The mirror wall – This is the second most talked-about wonder within the site. This consists of scripts that were made by ancient visitors. They are made of the beauty of the women in the paintings and/or the beauty of nature.
  3. Olden pools – The area is filled with pools that were used by the king and his queens. The top of the rock, as well as the ground, is decorated with many pools.
  4. Lions claw at the bottom of the staircase – Marking the entrance of the palaces’ staircase are two large lion claws at either side. It is believed that there was a complete lion carved into it but faded away with time.
  5. Nearby caves that surround the area – These are believed to be used by the monks that used to meditate in the area

Pidurangala Mountain

This is another very beautiful temple that is located in the closest vicinity of the majestic fortress. A beautiful mountain that is located almost opposite to Sigiriya, is another beautiful location. You can definitely wave at each other from the top of these two gigantic mounts.

The climb is more adventurous and exciting once you ascend to the top. The first half is almost entirely steps so you can mold to the top with some big breaths. But the next is definitely going to check your acrobatic skills.


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