Sri Lanka opens to tourists on August 15

Sri Lanka opens to tourists on August 15. Need 4 tests.

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SRI LANKA is planning to open for tourists starting on August 15, 2020.

But it’s taking this step with a serious safety protocol. This will be the first south Asia country to open for tourism after covid 19 cases.

There is no positive covid 19 cases inside the society in last two months. Society is secure now and sri lanka open for tourism after covid 19 after 15th of August.

Many countries are requiring a negative COVID-19 test upon on arrival, administering them at the airports. Sri Lanka require four covid 19 negative tests.

Needed 4 tests.

1) The first test must be take within 72 hours of your departure to Sri Lanka.
2) Second will be administered at the airport, on arrival, for free. It will take 24H for result and you have to wait in hotel in Colombo or Negambo.
3) Assuming your test negative, you need to take another test after four to five days arrival via a mobile unit.
4) If you’re staying more longer, yet another covid 19 test after 10 days.

“While this may additionally be inconvenient,” the Sri Lanka tourism department acknowledges, “it is imperative to protect each person and grant peace of mind.”

If you do test covid 19 and positive while any of these four tests, you will be placed in quarantine for 14 to 21 days and it depending on your symptoms.

In addition to the tests, a tourist visa will now cost $100 (it was previously free), scarce countries will be lower.
and in your visa application you must provide your itinerary, booking details, proof of medical insurance and return ticket information. (Return ticket will not compulsory and you can extend visa duration.)

Visiting Sri Lanka after end of the August will definitely be possible, but you’ll have to be committed.

Popular places to travel : kandy, Sigiriya, Ella, Yala.

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