talpe beach tanks

Talpe Beach Tanks

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Overview of talpe beach

Talpe beach tanks are one of most popular beach near Galle. Its located in the south in Sri Lanka. It is approximately 130 K.M to there from Colombo. We can reach within 2 hours from Colombo or any international airport. It can easily reach the destination. The talpe beach tanks  made by people a few years ago. History of the tanks about more than 20 years ago. The beach tanks are made to put coconut husks. After that leave the beach tanks alone and not use it. Now it has become more popular and people bath and swim there. The local as well as foreign tourists got find the place because of the natural and artificial beauty. Talpe beach very calm pace and not crowd. the sound of sea waves are much better to heard and nice view of waves make the mind relax. Water is very clear and weather condition is same as other locations in south. There have sunshine most of time.

Location to talpe beach

It’s easy to find location when searching on google maps. The below image show the location to three from the commercial capital city and just location.  click here for location (talpe_map). There have another airport in hambanthota and its also near as same length on opposite side in Galle. We can use highway for it.

talpe beach location

There are lots of resorts and hotels near talpe beach. You can easily find hotels near talpe. When  you finish your trip and if you have time you can visit yala for next destination. The yala is one of famous and best safari destination in Sri Lanka. Its no 1 safari destination to see all kind of animals and natural things.  Furthermore the natural beauty and locations should be protect for the future. We should enjoy it and make it clean as well.

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