the most grnerous country during covid 19

the most generous country during covid 19

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True story of travel during covid 19 and who are stuck in Ella tourism town

Story of facing problem

when you shutdown entire airline in the world, people have not option to go back to their home.  There are millions of tourists stuck in countries that are not their home countries.  They find themselves alone in travel during covid 19. They may have little money and little support and away
from their family. Because its impossible to fly back home at this situation. They are falling through and unable to gt anywhere. So then the millions  of people suppose to do.

Difficulties to reach to destination

There is the problem and one country trying to fix it. Its call Sri Lanka. Its small town in Sri Lanka called Ella 14 tourists stuck with no money or accommodation. They couldn’t fly back and also could not afford a hotel. In that situation Sri Lanka  hospitality really shined. The people in that city got to gather to help to the entire 14 tourists until they go back to their home.


They give food, accommodation and health benefits for free.  The most important thing is give them family away from family. They are not alone with this situation.  They show their kindness and generosity to them. Their have just 14 tourists and the entire country have lots of them like this  with same situation and same conditions.


Sri Lanka launched a program to help all tourists in the country at this situation. Its call ‘TOURISM DISASTER MONITORING AND HOSTING PROGRAM‘. It supports every standers tourist i the country If you are a foreigner stuck in Sri Lanka. They will host, give food, medicine and support to  survive the lock down without charging. They will be your family away from family.

Say thank you

Sri Lanka is not rich country. Its a developing country. its 12.5% of their economy is built on tourism. It’s the lifeline of the economy and its now down. During the good times they love tourists and now they help tourists.  After the lock down Sri Lanka will raise again as well as other countries raise again. That is the good news we looking.


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