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Yahangala mountain hike

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History of yahangala

The name ‘yahangala’ is the Sinhala language name and translates directly to ‘bedrock’. It is a huge rock. In history, Yahangala is an important location because of the Ramayana legend, King Ravana was laid to rest after his death.  It happened in the final battle with Lord Rama. Sri Lankans think The god “Gale Bandara” is also believed to be protecting this place. 

Yahangala View 

Geographically the rock is visible from miles away and 360 view. This rock is not a place to mock around and it is not an easy hike at all. It is 1220 M high from the sea level. 

  • Water streams

  • Rocks

  • 360 view

  • Stones

  • Locations for photography.

Travel , Map and more 

yahangala map

Its easy to find location on google maps. You can ask from local people to reach nearby location.  You can reach to kalugala village and then start hiking. There have temple in the starting point of hiking the rock.

It is suggest to talk to a priest and make your intentions recognized earlier than try to climb the rock. With treasure looters destroy each and every bit of heritage, as in many faraway ruined areas, the villagers are always vigilant and cautious of outsiders roaming round hence gaining their believe is vital before embarking on such a journey.

Travel at Glance

  • Dirction : Colombo->Kandy->Ududumbara ->Kalugala ->Udailuka ->Velangolla Pathana -> Yahangala
  • Transport : Bike / Taxi / Public Transport 
  • Travel Time: (form Kandy 1.5 hrs)
  • Accommodation: Find Hotels nearby (more there)
  • Activities: Photography  /Nature Trails  /Lake /Hiking 

Tips, Notes and Special Remark

  • Take bottles of water

  • Wear attire suitable for protection against thorns

  • Beware of wild animals

  • Get a guide if possible

  • Ask directions from locals

It is higher to ask nearby assist to pick the direction due to the fact the famous (and easier) path is Yahangala. If you can manage to hike with travel guide or village man its the best way to hike it.

It is constantly higher to begin as early as possible, due to the fact mist is so thick in this area. It is very challenging to predict the subsequent step, as trails get blurred in seconds. We would propose you to remain the place are, if you acquired misplaced in this form of a thick fog, particularly on peaks. A GPS monitoring machine and a compass will come in on hand due to the fact the entire panorama is misty 2/3 of the day.

No journey comes easy, this used to be now not the easiest, as a whole lot as comprehend the dangers, you would love to go to Yahangala, to the wilderness!

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