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History of Yakdessagala Mountain

Yakdessagala mountain is one of the hightest peak in Sri Lanka  and its the highest peak in the mountain range starting from Athugala and Adagala (546m) at a distance of 16km from the town of Kurunegala in the Kurunegala District on the Kurunegala-Gonagama road. The villagers believes Yakdessagala got its name because of place where the Kuveni was evicted by Vijaya and came with her two children and stared at Vijaya and committed suicide. Legend has it that Kuveni committed suicide by jumping off a rock at the end of the hill.

How To Reach to Yakdessagala

To start the journey of Yakdessagala ascent, take a Kurunegala-Gonagama bus and alight at the Sanweli Vihara. We can get more details about this trip from the monks of the temple near there. The journey begins near a pond on the other  side of the road in front of the temple gate. The path is marked by white arrows. The journey is a bit tiring as you have to walk on a steep slope from start to finish.

Environment and Best Time to Travel

We can not find water source on the way up to the mountain in the dry seasons. Therefore, bring much water before starting the journey. The last part of this journey you have to walk through the some grasses called mana bushes. Also the road is a bit slippery. After a two or two and half hour trek you can reach the top of the mountain. There is no suitable place for camping.

Other Places near to Yakdessagala Mountain

People who wish to hike there in the dry zone, it can see several mountains  clearly Yakdessagala. Athugala, Adagala, Kiribathgala, Ibbagala,  Bisogala, Belgoda, Nathagane, Handurukkanda, Ambokka, Navgala, Dematawa, Wellagala, Thimmagamagala, Tissawa,  Kuvenigala, Werapola,  Dolukanda,  Kotagala are some of these hills. We can see beautiful view of  another pond called Deduru Oya from here.

Special Remind

  • Bring water, food and some medicines as you need. (Nothing there on top or beside)

  • Do not drop any plastic items there.

  • Do not make noice and disturb wild animals.

  • Medicine.(First AID box)

Special Notes

  • Height : 546M

  • Location : Kurunegala

  • Hike Difficulty : Medium

  • Weather : good

  • Activities : Hiking

  • Time : 2-3 Hour Hike

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