Enjoy the wildlife while being a part of it at Yala safaris!

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Enjoy the wildlife while being a part of it at Yala safaris!

Enjoy the wildlife and Yala safaris!

Yala is the perfect destination for someone who seeks to become a part of the wilderness and enjoy it while being at the heart of nature. Being the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the destination definitely provides you with many eye-catching sites that are both admired and protected.

The country is filled with diversity when it comes to nature. The entire island is surrounded by a beautiful ocean, while the highlands feel like a smaller England. The dry zone has its own range of biodiversity while other locations are more moderate.

Hence when planning a tour in the country one should always try to bring out a plan to experience all of them at once.

When it comes to this place which is located down south, the area is definitely filled with tourists. The wilderness experience that the area offers along with the other major attractions makes it an important place to be visiting.

The Yala National Park

The national park of Yala is reputed to be the kingdom of the Leopards and a single trip to in here will make you believe in how accurate it is.

This place hosts more than a hundred varieties of animals along with both endangered, endemic and immigrant creatures.

A safari to the forest will make you understand how less you know about the beauty of nature.

It is spread in an area of 378 square miles and is one of the most visited sanctuaries in the country. Thanks to the location of the park, it has been able to host a variety of ecosystems. They are more diverse than you can ever imagine.

If you are planning a tour to the area, make sure that you pick a month between June and September. This is because these are the times that most of the animals are active in the environment.

There are four official entrances to the area, but the licensed safaris always cover a scheduled and authorized area within the sanctuary. Hence, make sure you pick the closest location to your hotel.

You can enjoy leopard safari tours, a private trip tour or even a luxury jeep tour within the park.

Other popular sites in the area

This is definitely one of the major tourist attractions, but this is not simply due to the jungle. There are many other sites within the area that brings out this attraction. If you have been wondering what other places to choose along with the sanctuary, worry no more.

Here are some of the most famous sites that you should definitely look into while your visit there.

  1. Buduruwagala
  2. Okanda devalaya
  3. Sithulpawwa
  4. Kataragama
  5. Magul maha viharaya

Be a responsible visitor!

The park is a stunning wonder of nature and is definitely a major tourist attraction. It is our duty to understand that these should be preserved for not only the next generation but even the one after them.